Denture Concepts

Frequently Asked Questions

At Denture Concepts we make denture cleaning easy. All our dentures are supplied with a battery powered ultrasonic denture bath. The ultrasonic waves penetrate all areas of the denture removing all traces of contamination and food particles. On top of that, your dentures will be cleaned very 6 months by our state of the art Sympro denture cleaning system when you come for your 6 month recall visits.

Below are the the common denture queries and the answers. If you have a different query call us 09 368 5793 or  click here to mail us.

My denture is loose and moves when I eat. What can I do?

Due to shrinkage of the jaw bone and surrounding gum tissue, the denture is no longer adequately supported. An impression is taken inside your denture and the gum fitting part of the denture is reprocessed. This is known as a reline and ensures your denture fits firmly. Denture Concepts can complete this procedure within one day.

I have difficulty eating certain foods. What can I do?

Some foods may be more difficult to eat than others. However, if you are experiencing difficulty eating it may be that your denture is worn, affecting the balance of the denture on the tissues and muscles of the mouth. A denture consultation can determine the best solution so we can get you back to enjoying your favorite foods.

How can I eliminate sore spots under my denture?

It is normal to have pressure spots under a new denture. These can be addressed at a post insertion check appointment. However, if you are experiencing sore spots under an existing denture, it is often a sign that the denture is not fitting properly. A consultation with Denture Concepts will assess your best options. This may be an adjustment, a reline, or new dentures.

My dentures look nothing like my natural teeth. What can I do?

It is always disappointing when care is not taken to give people the appearance they wish for. Book in to see one of the clinicians at Denture Concepts for a free consultation. We can carefully work from photographs to recreate the smile you once had. We will engage you fully in the process and guarantee you will be happy with the result.

I feel my face has sunken in and I don’t have the fullness in my lips that I once had. How can I overcome this?

Due to resorbtion of your jaw your denture moves more freely in your mouth with a tendency to move back. This no longer supports your lips. A new denture with the teeth set slightly further forward will restore your natural appearance.

What is causing the soreness at the corners of my mouth?

Loss of vertical support for the denture, caused by a combination of bone loss and wear of the denture teeth, cause the mouth to over close. This can change the way the lips seal together and cause saliva to pool at the corners of the mouth. The excess moisture in this area may cause the skin to become irritated and may increase the risk of a candida (fungus) infection. See Denture Concepts for a consultation to assess your best option to overcome this. It may be that a new denture is required to reestablish this vertical support.

I’m concerned my new dentures will make me look like the proverbial horse.

During the process of making your denture you will come in for what is known as a try in appointment. At this appointment, the teeth are set in wax for your approval. It is at this stage that any changes can be made to the setting before the dentures are processed to completion. At Denture Concepts we spend a lot of time with you at this appointment to ensure that you are completely happy with your appearance.

How long should my dentures last?

New dentures should last 7 to 10 years providing the materials they are made from are high quality. At Denture Concepts we exclusively use high quality German materials, ensuring your denture will not wear prematurely, and that it functions properly over it’s lifetime.

Should I sleep with my dentures in at night?

This is a personal preference. For first time denture wearers it would be advisable to remove your dentures overnight. If you accustomed to wearing your dentures at night, it won’t present any problems if you continue to wear them.

How do I keep my dentures clean?

It is important to treat your dentures like you would your natural teeth. They should be kept as clean as possible to prevent inflamed gums or bacterial and fungal infections. Always clean your dentures over a folded towel or a bowl of water in case you drop them. Using a small to medium headed tooth brush with liquid soap, gently brush all surfaces of the denture including the gum fitting surface. Do not use very hot water as this may distort the denture.